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  • High Pressure Swivel Joints

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  • Integral Union Connections, Adapters and Fittings

  • Unions

    Chenglin Oilfield Unions are the quality line connections available, ranging in size from 1.5 inches to 4inches with cold working pressure to 20000psi to provide safer and more effective installations to meet the customer needs and industry requirement.Chenglin Unions are manufactured from steel forgings using material appropriate specific pressure ratings and standards. 

    Features and Benefits

  • Positive pressure-tight sealing design

  • Fast assembly and break-out,no special tools required 

  • Optional End Connections:TxT or Butt-welded

  • Sour service suitable conforms to NACEMR01-75

  • High Interchangeability

  • Traceability

  • Joints

    High Pressure Swivel Joints

    Chenglin Swivel joints are designed and manufactured for both standard application and sour service with pressure rating from 6000psi to 20000psi ensuing better flow characteristics,low pressure drop and minimize flowing turbulence is kept with smooth and round bore design.The swivel joints are manufactured in accordance with NACE and API standards.


  • Special heat treatment for hardness control

  • Providing flexibility, absorb shock and vibration and maximize flow characteristics

  • Interchangeable union ends

  • Dual packing arrangement:Additional O-ring works as the second seal has been specially designed between the ball races and primary seal (with stainless steel anti -extrusion ring)

  • No pressure accumulation if the leakage occurs.

  • Tri-race ball bearings assure long and dependable service matching to load capacity and conditions.

  • High Pressure Swivel Joints

    Swivel Joints

    Pup Joints

    Available with integral,welded or Union end connections from 6000 to 20000psi Cold Working Pressure for standard and sour service.

    Pup Joints

    Cementing & Circulating Hoses

    Chenglin high pressure steel hose assemblies(cementing and circulating hoses) incorporate long radius swivel joints with quality hardened ball races and high pressure packing units.Consult factory for detailed configuration.  

    Cementing & Circulating Hoses


    Chenglin ODEC offers manifolds in materials,size,temperature and pressure ratings for a complete range of gas oilfield applications.There rugged manifolds feature proven the Chenglin fluid control gas components for unsurpassed reliability ,fast make-up and make -down,and improved safety,Sour application available.

    Unlimited manifold design using Chenglin’s advanced ULT and plug valves are available.

    Manifold assemblies are available with various configuration and pressure rating.


    Integral Union Connections, Adapters and Fittings

    Chenglin manufactures a quality line of high pressure integral union connections with unions(Adapters&Fittings) in various configurations and size from 1 to 4 inches and in pressure rating up to 20000psi CWP.Combinations are available with male bu male, male by female to suit the request. Fully controlled heat treatment on the steel forgings assure uniform quality,Chenglin adapters and fittings such as Tees,Crosses and an assortmend of other products having usage in various oilfield applications.

    Integral Union Connections, Adapters and Fittings

    Integral Union Connections, Adapters and Fittings


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